Our Story So Far...

Our Story So Far...

High Flyers was founded in 2006 by Institute of Advisors Business Advisor of the Year and Global Award Winning Business Coach Hayley Erner

The company was a result of 30 years of experience in her family's successful Manufacturing, Wholesaling and Retail Diamond Jewellery business. Hayley explains:

“My passion for what we do at High Flyers stems from my childhood, where I grew up watching my parents run our successful Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing, Wholesaling and Retail business. Whilst the business was financially lucrative it was typical of many owner managed businesses, in so much as it was built around us.. We lead it from the front and were heavily relied upon in day to day operations, to make decisions and to solve problems... This was not only tiring; it was also restrictive on many levels...

Jewellery was not really a passion of mine, but as often happens with family businesses, I ended up working in it and ultimately in 2002, my sister and I bought the business.  It was around that time that I realised that whilst we had a great team on board in terms of attitude, the success of the business was too much dependant on my presence.   I also had the realisation that whilst I wanted to be successful in business I also wanted balance to enjoy my life too!

So in 2005 I took what turned out to be a life-changing decision to work with a business coach. Up until then I had been fairly satisfied and grateful for the life I had, so it was a real surprise that turned out to be a life-changing and liberating experience for me. I learnt how to get more control over my life and the business and how to empower others to make their own decisions and solve problems without me. 

In fact, the positive impact on my life was so great, that just a year later I decided to exit the jewellery business and become a coach myself.  Interestingly, I have continued to work with a coach because I don’t believe I can play at the top of my game without an outside eye watching out for me, challenging my decisions and making sure that I stay focused on the right priorities!

Today High Flyers is one of the most successful independent business coaching practices in the UK and Hayley is one of the top 10% of business coaches in the world.  She goes on to say:

For the first 25 years of my career I massively underperformed against my potential. So it’s my own personal story that fuels my passion to enable others to play their very best game in business and life and I’m so fortunate to work with some amazing people who want this too.

My other huge passion in life is my horses. My home is situated in a stunning and remote part of North Yorkshire. I keep my horses at home, which is a dream I had from being a child and came true in recent years. I have a wonderful family who love and support me and whilst like yours, my life is full of challenges and problems every day, I feel blessed for the life I am able to lead.

So my next mission is to grow the team at High Flyers to enable us to enable more people to “build great businesses and live great lives too!”


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