Our Profits grew by 127% in a tough trading economy and I am confidently stepping into my leadership position.


Since working with Hayley and High Flyers for the past 2 years I have developed a level of confidence and purpose that never existed before. I get more out of life than I ever did before, I can deal with difficult situations more easily and am more in control of my emotions, with less swinging from high to low.  I also know where I want to be personally and am much happier and feel more fulfilled than ever before.

Previously I had the title of Managing Director, but never truly felt  I was leading the business forward.  Now that everyone including myself has a clearly defined (written) role, we're really starting to see the benefits as people step into their responsibilities.

Since we started working on the Rockeller Habits High Growth Program, we have established our Core Values and formed an Executive Leadership Team who are involved in the strategic thinking and planning process. The simplicity of having the One Page Strategic Plan, knowing where we are going as a team, how we are going to get there and who's accountable for actions has been revolutionary for Ant Hire.

We have an ambitious growth plan in place and know that whilst we know the journey will not be smooth, we're determined to enjoy the ride!


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