We have grown from 3 to 12 Practices, gone from a Leeds Brand to a National Brand... and I am a better person and leader..


Royston Bayfield, Managing Director of Bayfield Optician explains:

I met Hayley about 6 years ago, when she spoke at an event put on by my accountants. When we started working together we employed 15 people, now we are up to nearer 80 people.  We are really passionate about training and development and the importance of this has only come to light by us working with Hayley over the years. As a consequence we have built a structure which enables us to manage these people and processes, create the right culture throughout the organisation and manage training and development.

A key point I have learnt over the years working with Hayley is to make sure we have the right people working with me and the rest of our team.  Our team is now very strong and is able to run the business on a day to day basis enabling me to concentrate on what I am passionate about; the strategy and growth of the business.  It has only been through learning about recruitment and people and processes that I have been able to put a team in place to enable us to do this.

The one to one executive coaching sessions that  I have with Hayley are invaluable to ensure I continue to grow and develop my emotional intelligence and leadership skills. You only have to ask my wife Caroline how working with Hayley has helped me be a better husband and now Dad to our beautiful daughter Maddie.  


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